Black Women Embrace Breastfeeding

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month, a time to celebrate all the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding and promote and encourage breastfeeding for more and more Black/African American moms!

Breastfeeding protects the health of both moms and babies. Breast milk contains powerful antibodies that strengthen the baby’s developing immune system and lower the risk for many illnesses and infections including ear, respiratory, and digestive tract infections; asthma; obesity; diabetes; and even Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). For moms, breastfeeding has been shown to reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, promote faster postpartum recovery, and more. Breastfeeding also nurtures the bond between mom and baby, promoting emotional well-being and mental health. Breastfeeding is a natural way for moms to support their own health while providing essential nourishment for their babies.

This Breastfeeding Awareness Month and Black Breastfeeding Week (August 25-31), AAHP honors the SMILE team for their work in supporting breastfeeding for Black/African American moms in Montgomery County. The SMILE program offers childbirth and breastfeeding classes, nurse case management for pregnant and postpartum moms, and the Mommy Chat and Breastfeeding Support Circle online groups to help Black moms on their breastfeeding journey.

Learn more on AAHP’s website here.

This month, take the time to learn more about breastfeeding and what you can do to support yourself or someone who breastfeeds or may breastfeed by:

  • Following the hashtags #BBW23 #WeOutside #blackbreastfeedingweek on social media
  • Following AAHP’s SMILE Program’s Instagram @aahp_s.m.i.l.e
  • Checking out the SMILE team’s video on breastfeeding:


The Cleveland Clinic

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