Shining the Light on Aging Well

As people continue to live longer and longer, having a positive attitude about aging can help to reduce the social stigma associated with aging. September is Healthy Aging Month as well as World Alzheimer’s Month. We should celebrate growing older and enjoy the success we’ve had in improving health for seniors.

Without a doubt, aging can be difficult at times, but for many people, it can be much easier with smart lifestyle choices. Staying physically active can help seniors remain independent as long as possible. In addition to exercise, diet can also affect the quality of life in the Golden Years. Eating a nutrition-rich diet can help with weight management, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation and slow down muscle loss. It’s also important to get adequate sleep, surround yourself with good people, and do activities you enjoy. And it’s never too late to find a new passion or hobby or work on your health issues. 

As we age, our brains change, but the same healthy behaviors that help prevent some kinds of cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease may also reduce your risk for cognitive decline. Although we can’t control our genetics or our age, a report from the Lancet Commission suggests that addressing risk factors can delay or even prevent up to 40% of dementia cases.

We’re all getting older and each day is a blessing. Whether you’re eighteen turning nineteen, or eighty turning eighty-one, enjoy your life!


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