Join AAHP's Upcoming Brother 2 Brother Events

The African American Health Program is excited to present the Brother 2 Brother (B2B) Initiative, a series of talks hosted by Jamal "DJ One Luv" Muhammad, a multi-talented DJ, promoter, talk show host, and visual artist. An initiative focused on improving the health and wellness of Black men in Montgomery County, B2B provides monthly group discussions aimed at Black men to help them understand their health better. These meetings aren't just talks; they're steps toward empowerment. By educating participants on how they can prevent chronic diseases and promote their own health and wellness, the B2B Initiative will address the significant health gaps affecting Black men. The program offers sessions in two locations each month, one uptown and one downtown, on two different dates, making it accessible to more people.

Why focus on Black men? Because Black men have the lowest life expectancy and face more health issues compared to other demographics. Sadly, their health has often been overlooked by society and sometimes by Black men as well. B2B's goal is to change this by giving Black men the knowledge and support they need to improve their health.

AAHP's Brother 2 Brother talks will feature guest speakers such as Dr. Jason Joubert, who has dedicated his life to promoting health and fitness. Dr. Joubert began his career as a personal trainer and went on to specialize in rehabilitation, earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Howard University in 2019. He combines his extensive knowledge and passion to deliver personalized care, focusing on pain management, functional restoration, and preventive health strategies for his patients.

The African American Health Program is funded and administered by the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services and implemented by McFarland & Associates, Inc.
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