June is Men's Health Month

AAHP observes Men’s Health Month every June and invites all Black Montgomery County residents to join us in encouraging African American/Black men and boys to live a safe, healthy lifestyle!

Men of every age need to take the time to focus on their mental and physical well-being. From 19 to 90, even if a man is in “perfect” shape, he should make routine appointments with his healthcare providers to ensure that he is maintaining good health. A Cleveland Clinic survey revealed that 82% of men report trying to stay healthy and live longer for those who rely on them, yet only 50% engage in preventive care. That needs to change. Women can help by reminding male loved ones to keep themselves in good health by making all their appointments with their healthcare providers and to take care of themselves both physically and mentally.

Because Black/African American men have poorer health outcomes than Black/African American women and men of other races/ethnicities, AAHP’s Men’s Health Initiative places special consideration on engaging Black/African American men. AAHP’s Brother 2 Brother conversations engage Black/African American men in discussions about their lives and their health in a non-judgmental environment with the guidance of a healthcare professional. Join the Men's Health Initiative mailing list here


National Institutes of Health

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